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Pakistan Myasthenic Welfare Organization (PMWO) established for the diagnosis and treatment of MG patients in Pakistan. PMWO has been organized a comprehensive treatment including medicines, Plasmapheresis & Thymectomy. PMWO dedicated to provide free treatment to poor and needy patients. In 1989 proper medicines and Plasmapheresis was not available in Pakistan. And now world's largest Mobile Plasmapheresis Network is working in Pakistan under my leadership and this project is playing a vital role to save many precious lives of poor patients with GBS, CIDP & others.
Through these Plasmapheresis Centers of PMWO poor patients of MG, GBS, Polyneuropathy and others are being treated free of cost AND through these centers 27500 Plasmapheresis procedure have been done to date and recently 3780 Single Donor Platelets Procedures done in Lahore for Dengue Fever Patients.

During the last 22 years after the incorporation of PMWO 12370 MG patients diagnosed and treated.
PMWO provides free Plasmapheresis to poor young MG patients and 3780 MG patients have had Thymectomy with Plasmapheresis (Pre-operation).

GBS is creating an alarming situation in Pakistan. We have data of 21780 GBS patients treated with Plasmapheresis during last 18 years. IVIG cost cannot afford by our patients. And our mobile Plasmapheresis is blessing for poor and needy patients in Pakistan and it has been considering a cost effective treatment for GBS patients. Due to our Plasmapheresis Projects a huge foreign exchange has been saved and IVIG multinational companies almost have left the Pakistan
Made Cheapest Medicine for MG Patients in Pakistan: Mestinon (Pyrodistigmine) is international brand drug for MG patients and its cost in Pakistan was demanded in 1998 US$ 5.0 per pack of 20 tab. which is very expensive and our patients cannot afford this cost. PMWO made extensive efforts to manufacturing of generic local medicine (substitute of Mestinon). You will happy to know we have manufactured this drug in Pakistan which is available in market on Rs.52/= for 20 Tablets approximately 0.50 US$. And PMWO's Myasthenic Drug bank is our project, which provides this drug free of cost to poor patients. My organization has provided this drug as donation to MG Patients in Bangladesh, India, Morocco and Kenya. PMWO solved medicines problem permanently and world's cheapest medicine made in Pakistan for MG patients.
PMWO has done 13,560 EMG test on patients for the screening of Neuro Muscular Disorders. EMG machines have been arranged by my efforts in the Neuro Labs of PMWO in Islamabad and Lahore.
PMWO Mobile Plasmapheresis Service: PMWO provide 24 hours fast and speedy mobile plasmapheresis service for the clinical management of critical patients with GBS and Myasthenia Gravis on the ventilator in hospitals from peshawar to karachi. Mobile plasmapheresis service of PMWO have a great value for the poor and needy patients in Pakistan.
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PMWO has established world's largest Mobile Plasmapheresis network in Pakistan, which provides a Mobile Life Saving advance health care facility of Plasmapheresis for the management of critical patients with GBS on Ventilators in the teaching hospitals.

Plasmapheresis Excellence Centers have been established in the following teaching hospitals of the Pakistan:
PMWO Plasmapheresis Center Neurology Department PIMS, Islamabad.

PMWO Plasmapheresis Center AIMC/Jinnah Hospital Lahore.

PMWO Plasmapheresis Center Allied Hospital Faisalabad.

PMWO Plasmapheresis Center Nishtar Hospital, Multan.

PMWO Plasmapheresis Center Bolan Medical Complex Hospital, Quetta.

PMWO Plasmapheresis Center Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Center (JPMC) Karachi (under completion)

PMWO Plasmapheresis Center at Kuwait Teaching Hospital/Peshawar Medical College, Peshawar (under completion).

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PMWO operates worlds largest mobile plasmapheresis network in Pakistan from Peshwar to Karachi & Quetta
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PMWO Block 20-D, 1st Floor, G-8 Markaz. P.O. Box 2265 Islamabad.
phone: 0092-51-2262830,
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Charity Account No. 1283-8 PMWO
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