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  • To provide a comprehensive care to patients with MG and GBS/CIDP throughout Pakistan.

  • To provide free treatment to poor and indigent patients with MG and GBS/CIDP, including Medicines, Plasma Pheresis and Thymectomy.

  • To appraise physicians of the latest research in MG and GBS/CIDP developments so as to avoid misdiagnosis and delay in treatment.

  • To work with Neurology Departments of the teaching hospitals of the country to help them understand and respond to the special needs of the MG and GBS/CIDP patients treatment.

  • To provide comprehensive information on the diagnosis and treatment of MG and GBS/CIDP to healthcare professionals.

  • To inform the public about MG and GBS/CIDP to promote greater awareness and understanding about this fetal disease.

  • To develop contacts with MG and GBS/CIDP organizations abroad to share information, views and experiences to discover the cure of MG.

Our Vision

Our Values :

Our Mission
Our vision is that every person of MG, GBS, CIDP or variants has convenient access to early diagnosis and affordable treatments and dependable support services.
  • Companion
  • Dedication
  • Respect
  • Team Work
  • Honesty
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PMWO Plasmapheresis Centres in Affiliated Hospitals In Pakistan
Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Centre - Karachi
Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences - Islamabad
Peshawar Medical College
Punjab Medical College
Allied Hospital - Faisalabad
Allama Iqbal Medical College
Jinnah Hospital - Lahore
Bolan Medical College
KEMC / MAYO Hospital
Nishtar Medical College & Hospital - Multan

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PMWO operates worlds largest mobile plasmapheresis network in Pakistan from Peshwar to Karachi & Quetta
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